Acosteur's Metamorphosis


My name is Justine, I’m a riding instructor in Peripgnan and I have used Horsecom since January. I heard about it on facebook and the video made me want to try it. A quick introduction to my horse: Acosteur Du Kiff is a 7 year old French warmblood, well balanced in his mind and on his feet, with whom I ride jumpers, dressage, and eventing. n dans sa tête et ses sabots, avec qui je pratique l'obstacle, le dressage et le cross.-

The problem

Even though he has a good natural cadence, everything that’s going on around Acosteur is always more interesting than what I’m asking him. His poor attention span leaves us with an unstable work ethic, and even sometimes makes him unmanageable especially if the north wind is blowing. It’s to fix this that I decided to become a Pilot rider. He also had problems of staying patient during grooming, and this quickly became a point of stress for us both


Progress using Horsecom

Over 5 months Acosteur has totally changed! During grooming, he is calm and quietly listens to music while I tack him up. Under saddle the music may not prevent him from a few wiggles in the warmup, but he comes back much quicker to work and regains concentration quickly on what I’m asking for. Thanks to Horsecom, we have been able to created our own bubble, and our work has really advanced. I use the Horsecom all the time and have noticed that it also allows me to be more concentrated, and attentive to him and what I’m feeling.