You should be dancing, yeah!

Lordy and I are a confident Third Level team who loves to dance to this playlist. These are our "show ready" songs that gets our hips loose and ready to rock 

1/ Royals - Lorde

This song is fantastic for when Lordy and I are walking around, getting warmed up before we start our ride. It has an even tempo that matches Lordy's walk. Our goal with this song is to get his legs and shoulders stretching out, walking forward and uphill, and to keep him happy! It's cute to feel his body stepping to the beat of this song!


2/ Happy - Pharrell Williams

This is our go-to song for our trot work! Lordy really likes to work on our half passes, piaffes, and passage with this beat. This upbeat, fun song makes his hind end remain active and dance!


3/ God Gave Me You - Blake Shelton

This song is more meant for our cool downs. It's more of a steady song, and I like to think Lordy enjoys me singing to him. He stretches out and allows his body to loosen up and sway to this song.


4/ Lean On - Major Lazer & DJ Snake

This song has a mix and can be used for any gait. Lordy and I use it for transitions with walk and canter and lengthening to collection at the trot and canter. He hears the consistent bass so he never loses the engagement with the hind end.


5/ You're The One That I Want - Grease

This song is a blast for when we do our flying lead changes and our tempi changes! His canter tempo stays collected, uphill, and engaged for a perfect flying change every time. He really loves giving the changes during the chorus of this song.