Let's get jiggy with it

Here are the 6 favorite songs from the 22 year old international show jumper, Yazmin Pinchen and her horse! 


1/ High Hopes - Kodaline

It's a slow song to walk with. I can let my horse warm up gradually. The song is 4 minutes long so it's a good time for warming up.




2/ Alchemy - Zak Abel

This is a bit more up beat, a feel good song to have a nice trot round with. Keep your head up: this is the best song to keep you positive. I slowly introduce a canter with this song and start to put my horse to work




3/ Up & up – Coldplay

This song helps us to focus on some solid work for a little while before we come back to a walk for a few minutes.




4/ Fix you - Coldplay

It’s a song we use for a rest. We walk on a loose rein and relax before we start the process again.




5/ No money - Galantis

This song that takes us straight back to that up beat tempo and working hard.





6/ Acoustic version of my love - Jess Glyne and Still falling for You - Ellie Goulding

Cooling down is very important so I listen to two songs for this