Four Personality Types - Lazy Bum

Are your lower legs like jello after every ride? This week we’re talking about those lazy horses who need a bit more ‘go;’ we all know that moment when we go to tack up and get ‘that’ look from our horse...

Are you all pumped up and ready to go… but your horse isn’t?

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As a rider, you keep motivated by the goals you set: whether it’s at an elementary or Olympic level. Equines are motivated by their happiness and comfort: being fat and lazy. In order to reach those goals, the key is in remembering that equitation is based on a working partnership between horse and rider.

If you’ve done some investigation (and made sure there’s not another cause, like a health concern) and know that at your horse’s core is a heart of laziness, some musical cues can assist in keeping your horse energized and engaged during a workout. We love how using the HorseCom allows horse and rider to work in harmony with each other, keeping both sides of the couple interested and ready to go.

Here’s how HorseCom can take this to the next level: start in the stall by playing your favorite song to dance along with while tacking up; if you’re energized, happy, and relaxed, your horse will be more likely to pick up on your vibes and mimic how you’re feeling. In the arena, focus on energizing your workout using a marching cadence.

Ready to put it into action?

Play Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis while at a trot: it’s the perfect transition or energizer to sustain the power and connection.

 And while you're dreaming of saying whoa to your porky horse…