Four Personality Types - Unfocused

Is your horse spending your ride daydreaming about grassy pastures while you’re in the saddle?

This week we’re talking about unfocused horses: the ones that roll their eyes when you try in vain to get a response from your aids - not always lazy but distractible.

Being able to attentively focus on one thing is a full time job; and for horses that have their heads in the clouds, you want to avoid further complicating the situation. Keep the basics simple, and check in to confirm that your horse is listening to your requests and responding to your aids before building up to more advanced exercises. 

How HorseCom can take this to the next level: you can use the rhythm of the music during any session to keep your horse interested and focused in on your aids by riding with any of our playlists on HorseCom Music. By using a solid cadence, your gaits will stay consistent; and since your horse won’t have to adjust and compensate for random changes in speed, your session will have more natural transitions with the music as a guide.

Over time, this fluidity will become engrained in you and your horse’s technique and riding style.

If you're ready to put this into action...