Review: Charlotte and Rizzoli

Peek into the first month of what it’s like to #rideinthebubble with Charlotte and Rizzoli.

Charlotte and her horse Rizzoli practice dressage and occasionally some show jumping. Within the first month of experiencing what it’s like to #rideinthebubble, Charlotte could see an immediate difference: despite Rizzoli’s usual skittish and unfocused characteristics that make their sessions more difficult to work through, the duo has been able to find their rhythm that allows them to execute quality exercises consistently.

Currently, Charlotte has been using playlists curated by the HorseCom team, as she already finds them to be a great fit for Rizzoli’s natural BPM.

Charlotte shares her thoughts on what it’s like to use the HorseCom kit to ride in the rhythm:


Rainy Day Rides

When it rains, I must ride in the inside arena; however, some days, the inside arena is taken over by a lot of younger riders participating in a lesson, as it is today. Generally, these conditions do not go over very well with Rizzoli: rather quickly, he becomes unfocused and annoyed with the other ponies around him; he also tends to be naughty and to kick out at the ponies that come too close.

When I slip on the HorseCom bonnet during these situations, we enter into our bubble before we even enter into the arena: there are no external elements that will disrupt our session and my contact/aids. As usual, I shuffle through the different playlists already curated by HorseCom. We have a quiet session: working through the three gaits with the aim of staying relaxed and connected even whilst in the midst of so many other ponies.

As I usually do after our sessions, and as it has stopped raining outside just now, I take Rizzoli for a walk in the forest to allow him to fall into a deeper state of relaxation.

End Thoughts

Since I’ve started to use the HorseCom in our sessions, Rizzoli has been a dream: staying completely concentrated and directly responding to my aids and requests. Throughout this session in particular, we seamlessly worked through a chain of different exercises around the other ponies; and despite all the action in the area, Rizzoli remained totally relaxed and with me. He also didn’t try to kick out at any of the other ponies that passed close to him.

The idea of creating a "bubble" between rider and horse is very realistic: we’re much more connected during the exercises and have much more productive sessions.