Four Personality Types - High Anxiety

Every horse has their own unique personality: it’s part of what we love about riding. At HorseCom, we’ve seen it all, and we’re highlighting these personalities and showing you four equine personality types that can benefit from the HorseCom kit.

This week we’re talking about stressed out horses.

... (OTTB anyone?)


Is your horse a bit of a hothead who experiences high stress levels on the regular?

In an interview with EquiSearch, Linda Tellington-Jones explains how you could accidentally worsen a problem when interacting with and riding an anxious horse if you don’t know how to properly and effectively prevent or intervene when stress is on the rise. 

If your horse’s anxiety levels go unaddressed, Tellington-Jones shows how:  "[t]his tension affects the horse's breathing and can create more trouble because it actually makes the horse more tense. His tense muscles impair the blood flow to his brain and he can't think clearly." Part of Tellington-Jones’ solution is by working with the equine’s emotional equilibrium and the mind-body connection.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 4.33.17 PM.png

Here’s how HorseCom can take this to the next level.

By using our bluetooth equipped bonnet, you create a personalized bubble for your horse that partially blocks out external factors. By creating a break from all the distractions and directing the horse’s attention to the stimuli you choose (in this case, soothing music and possibly your voice), you create an open channel for receptor active peptides, relax the horse’s attention, and reinforce positive behaviors which allow the horse to stay calm and concentrated on you.

Listening to music also keeps stress from occurring in the first place, which effectively stops any chain reaction before it can spiral out of control: most notably keeping the breath steady and the heart rate low.

Ready to put this into action?

Try pairing Claire du Lune by Debussy with an equine massage; and while your horse is having a day at the spa ...