Review: Deborah and Riga

Experience what it’s like to ride in the bubble with Deborah and Riga!

Deborah, a rider for over 20 years, has been riding with her mare, Riga, for the last 2 years. Born with natural talent for jumping, Riga was a real joy to jump with; however, after working with Riga for a short time, Deborah noticed that her mare was a bit anxious and very sensitive: she also has a big personality.

Based on her mare’s reactions and movements, Deborah was able to quickly learn what type of music her mare prefers, and structure her playlists around her horse’s preferences. Riga likes songs that are softer or don’t have any lyrics.

Deborah shares her thoughts on what it’s like to use the HorseCom kit to ride in the rhythm:

Unboxing the HorseCom

I followed HorseCom on social media, and engaged with their blog posts and videos from the start; but it wasn’t until the TeleFrance1 tv report that I decided to really go for it. I applied to become a Pilot Rider and was accepted!

After receiving the HorseCom kit, the first time I tried out the device was in the stall. I put on the playlist Relaxation, curated by HorseCom, and almost immediately after pressing play, I noticed my mare was much more calm. While riding, to start with, I used the playlists: walk, trot, and canter, which are all available on the app.

During my sessions, if I notice that I’m losing contact with my mare, or that she’s having difficulty relaxing and is very tight, I won’t hesitate to play the playlist Relaxation once again.

Improvements Thanks to Music

Our biggest challenge is when we canter. We have difficulties creating consistency and finding a good rhythm. After only 15 days of using the HorseCom during our rides, I saw a big improvement!

At the moment, we’ve been cantering to “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran; but I’ve discovered that the song “Sunset Lover” by Petit Biscuit perfectly matches her natural BPM.

My mare has an easier time relaxing and no longer races to react to my leg. She is also much more concentrated and responsive to my aids which is a real treat!

At the end of our ride, we’ll use the playlist Relaxation once again to cool down - it’s really useful in helping her recover. By hearing this playlist in conjunction with my movements which allow her to stretch out, she knows our session is over, which allows her to completely let go and fully relax.

With a Trainer

I used the HorseCom during a ground pole exercise with my instructor. Usually, on the first tour she starts to worry and tries to dive and avoid the exercise. But this time, while using HorseCom, my mare didn’t hesitate and gave me a great canter over the poles. I was able to make ride a line of two poles on each lead and alternate between 5 strides and 6 strides.

Rita never wiggled under me and was very attentive. She responded perfectly to all of my requests throughout the exercise.

Final Thoughts

After the first 15 days of using the HorseCom, I could see that I have a more concentrated, relaxed, and worry-free mare. She has a more consistent canter and better responds to my requests and aids.