What kind of horse is HorseCom for?

Does Horsecom only benefit stressed-out horses?

Definitely not. Horsecom offers real advantages for all kinds of horses. It’s true that it can help calm stressed horses and help place them in a bubble, where they forget the external distractions that can lead to anxiety. But it also helps all horses find their rhythm, stayed concentrated on their work, and throughout aides in their well-being.


Can Horsecom be used for breaking/training?

Of course, Horsecom can aid a horse beginning their training under saddle by helping relax and calm them. Thanks to the music, they will find their cadence faster.


My horse doesn’t like earplugs - will he accept the headphones in the Hcom bonnet? 

The headphones are attached inside the ear slips of Hcom bonnet with velcro. They are never in direct contact with the horse’s ears because they are placed in outside of the inner ear. The horse is not bothered.


Can I use the Horsecom in a competition?

Horsecom is not authorized at this time to be worn during competition. Confirm with your ring steward or show officials if you are unsure.


First Steps

Where is Horsecom available?

At this time Horsecom is available in France, Belgium, Switzerland, and soon in the USA. Plans for launch in the UK and other countries are in the works.


How do I recharge the Hcom and Rcom?

Both the Hcom and the Rcom come with their own charger (plug and mini USB). The battery life of your Horsecom is about 8 hours. Make sure your fully charge both the Hcom and the Rcom to avoid that they don’t experience a shortening of battery life.


How do I know if the Hcom is working while I’m on my horse?

The LEDs indicate the mode of the product. The logo should be lit. One LED indicates the voice mode, the other indicates the music mode. Check your startup guide for more detailed information.


 So the music is shared between me and my horse?

The Rccom and the Hcom are connected together. That’s to say when you connect the Rcom with the Bluetooth on your phone the pairing happens automatically. In this way, from the moment your Rcom is connected via Bluetooth to your telephone your horse also hears the music. Everything is done through one Bluetooth source. If you change the mode to answer a phone call, your horse will not hear the call, as it pauses the music.


What is the battery life for the Hcom and the Rcom?

Both the Hcom and Rcom have a battery life of around 8 hours.


How do I attach the Hcom to my horse’s halter?

The Hcom comes with an adjustable chin strap on both sides.


How do I attach the RCom to my helmet?

We have patented the system with which you attach the Rcom. The earpiece adapts to all types of helmets that have a triangle between the two straps by the rider’s ears. You just have to slide the Rcom over these two straps and twist the earpiece tight to secure it to the straps.


There is static with my HorseCom, what do I do? 

If you think there is some static with your Horsecom, you should check on your Horsecom application that both the Rcom and the Hcom are updated (and on the same update). If the issue persists, please contact customer service.


How can I be sure the horse’s headphones are working?

The sound that is played in the Hcom is adapted to your horse’s hearing, so the maximum volume is significantly lower than the max for human headphones. To verify that the speakers are functioning properly, check that your Rcom and Hcom are correctly paired, next plug the horse’s speakers into your telephone. If the Hcom and Rcom are correctly paired and if the headphones work when plugged into your phone, you can be sure that your horse is hearing the music they’re playing too.


Do you have to subscribe to Deezer/Apple Music?


For the moment you must join Apple Music access our playlists. You can subscribe to the 3-month trial version for free. Horsecom Music will soon be able to offer you all our playlists without a third party, for those users holding a Horsecom subscription. If you don’t want to remain subscribed to Apple Music after the trial, remember to cancel the contract with them before the end of the trial.

Nitty Gritty

Do you have merchandise that represents Horsecom?

Yes! We also sell polos, saddle pads, and riding jackets. You can buy them, or earn them by collecting points through the referral program.


Is the Hcom (bonnet for the horse) weather proof?

The Hcom is made of a high quality cotton mesh and synthetic fiber, as well as the electronic box that houses the Bluetooth. The fabric is designed to be durable in an equine environment, and the box that houses the Bluetooth is resistant to regular temperature fluctuations, and some water exposure, like sweat and splashes.


Is the Rcom (rider headphone) weatherproof? 

 The Rcom is resistant to temperature fluctuations, and some moisture, like sweat and splashes, but don’t put it fully underwater or leave it in direct sunlight for long periods of time.


What happens if my horse breaks the Horsecom?

The Horsecom has a 2 year guarantee for manufacturers defects. If the Horsecom no longer functions due to user error (including equine users, canine companions, children) we do not accept responsibility. You can however contact us to order a replacement. 


Can I put my Hcom in the washing machine?

To wash the Hcom, you must remove the electronic Bluetooth from it’s velcro box, as well as the two headphones from the bonnet. Only then is it safe to put the bonnet in the washing machine and wash it at 90 degrees F maximum and air dry. Do not put in the dryer. 


Are the waves harmful to the horse?

 Bluetooth waves are some of the weakest electromagnetic waves when it comes to intensity - much weaker than telephone waves like those associated with 4G/LTE, waves from other telephones or wifi.

We took the precaution with the guidance of our veterinary council, to enrich our bonnet by placing anti-electromagnetic wave fabric between your horse’s head and the Hcom module to product your horse’s brain from any potential effects of the Bluetooth. The wave blocking tissue made from silver and copper wire, which block excellently high frequencies between 0.5 and 20 GHz: microwaves, bluetooth, WIFI, cellphone networks, etc.


How do I know if the volume is too loud for the horse?

The volume range of the Hcom has been determined by veterinarians and ethologists so that it is never too loud, so as not to harm the horse and so that the horse can still hear external sounds, which is important in the case of an emergency. The volume is at the right level when the horse can clearly hear and focus their attention on the music or the voice of their rider. 

Using it


Simple to connect and use, the Horsecom is designed for ease of use, so you spend almost no time configuring - just connect and go!

After downloading the application for your phone’s store (Apple or Google Play), and fully charging the battery, you turn on the Rcom and Hcom, which will pair automatically. Next you pair the Rcom to your telephone by connection it through the “My Horsecom” tab in the application.

Note: if the Horsecom is not fully charged you may have difficulties to connect it to your telephone.

The Rcom is attached to your helmet by a security wheel that is twists to secure itself on the straps by your ear. You should attach it securely so that it doesn’t wobble.

The Hcom slips into its specially designed pouch that rests between the horse’s ears. It is best if the LED light is facing up, so you can monitor the playback if needed.

We recommend you download and update both the Hcom and Rcom whenever new updates are released. When updating, be sure the HorseCom system is plugged into a power source.

Battery life for a Horsecom system is +/- 8 hours. Charging time is +/- 90 minutes.