The Company


A challenging love story between an amateur rider and her five year old mare. As a 5 year old the Selle Francais mare Roquepine de Genestel was hot-blooded and strong personality. Marine, her rider in her early twenties, has high hopes and a big heart but between the relationship is crumbling before it’s fully formed, and the disappointment and frustration on both sides is demoralizing.

Roquepine was a talented jumper but consistent only in her unpredictability. Bathing, grooming, trailering, even the shadows in the forest, were all reasons for an outburst. Marine fell often, and was losing her confidence.


Her brother Hugo read a study finding that “Music was used to induce behavioral changes in several species,” and his engineering background led him to investigate. Hugo designed a headset specifically for horses to improve their well-being with the aid of music. The results were immediate and were quickly confirmed by the scientific community, professional riders, and veterinarians.

The idea for Horsecom was born.


Our Mission

Horsecom proposes to passionate equestrians the ability to use music as a fifth natural aid, reinforcing the bond between horse and rider.

Pioneer of “Equitation Elevated” Horsecom offers its scientific innovations, musical knowledge, and its pedagogy for our enthusiasts.

At its core, music presents itself as a gentle method to improve the relationship between horse and rider.

Equitation Elevated is a pedagogic and athletic practice that adds harmony to the equestrian experience by using music as the fifth natural aid.

Equitation Elevated also incorporates technology, educational and useful entertainment, and connection through the community, utilizing the sharing of information and technology as the new “artificial” aides.


The Team.