Tested independently by the French National Stud, the research outcomes show that Horsecom works!


The data

After creating a prototype, Hugo approached the French National Stud in Normandy about the research question. Over 2014 and 2015 two independent studies were carried out with the major results and benefits as follows:


Horses using the unit under saddle, during transport in a lorry, and while with the farrier were shown to maintain a lower stress level as determined by standard stress indicators, notably breathing/heart rate.



Horses using the unit also showed a post-stress recovery on average 15 minutes faster than the test groups not equipped with the unit.

HorseCom has followed a rigorous scientific to prove its effectiveness. Scientists have carefully benchmarked Horsecom by observing horses’ behaviors and monitoring their physiological parameters.



Scientific Commitee

To ensure the most benefit for the horses, we recruited a world-class scientific committee to serve as advisors for horse welfare and benefits while using HorseCom


The HorseCom scientific committee has 2 main missions :


provide HorseCom with studies and innovative results to guide the development of new projects



assess the effectiveness and the quality of these new projects



Music + Horses = Harmony

Using the expertise of our committee and working with composers we've created the world's first music label for equine athletes. Combining music theory with the equine training scale, we release 4 songs per month to truly enhance your Horsecom riding experience.

  • Selections designed to match your horse's natural beat per minute

  • While having a clear baseline to increase your horse's balance and improve their rhythm
  • Without any drastic changes, pitches, or frequencies that might be distracting

Achieve harmony between horse and rider with the "5th natural aid" in equitation:


  Kevin St  aut , French Showjumping Gold Medalist & HorseCom Professional Rider

Kevin Staut, French Showjumping Gold Medalist & HorseCom Professional Rider

This all creates the Horsecom Community

When you join our community you join a group of forward-thinking riders of all levels - from Olympians like Kevin Staut and Karim Laghouag, to professionals at the international/national level like Camille Judet Cheret, junior riders, adult amateurs, pleasure riders, and all levels in between! Every member of the Horsecom community can share their reviews, exercises, playlists, and articles within the community and participate in exchanges of ideas and knowledge. 

This open exchange of dialogue and experiences adds to the pedagogy of equitation and contributes to the global advancement of our knowledge and understanding of the relationship between horse and rider.


  Karim Laghouag , French Eventing Gold Medalist & HorseCom Professional Rider

Karim Laghouag, French Eventing Gold Medalist & HorseCom Professional Rider

Becoming part of the My HorseCom community feels more and more like a big family... Exchanging with amateurs and pros around a common topic is pretty amazing, especially in a world where one is used to rub shoulders only with the riders in our area.

HorseCom invites us to share our experiences, our routines, our playlists, our tutorials. For them, everyone has as much voice as an professional with a large following, and that’s really cool!
— Amélie Mouronval, journalist for Georgette Mag