Horsecom Kit Overview

 The HorseCom kit is composed of three elements:

The Hcom, the Rcom and the Horsecom Application



The Horsecom - Horse Safe Technology

hCom NOIR.png


The ear bonnet and headphones, the Horsecom is wearable Bluetooth designed to fit your horse.

Frequencies and volume that are safe for your horse’s hearing; the headset has a factory installed max volume that regulates the volume level.

Durable and Safe Material

The bonnet is made in France. There is no direct contact between the speakers and the horse’s ears. 

Available in two colors (navy or black), and size horse or pony.



The Ridercom - SmartClip fits any helmet

rCom bombe 03.jpg


The first rider headset that uses SmartClip technology to secure without worry your headset to any brand and style of helmet

Keep your gloves on

The Rcom is managed with four buttons that allow you to control the music playback, volume, answer the phone and speak with your coach. No need to stop and remove your gloves to enjoy a ride with music. 


Horsecom Application

The Horsecom App (for Apple and Android) includes Horsecom Music's premium playlists, and Horsecom TV's exclusive tutorials and exercises accompanied by musical selections, and lets you play your playlists with the kit.



Horsecom Premium

$19.90 per month - 1 year subscription

  • Access to Horsecom music, one new song per week to compliment your ride - composed by HorseCom musicians
  • Access to video tutorials created by Horsecom TV, sharing with you great exercises accompanied by music to implement into your training plan
  • Horsecom BPM finder to determine your horse's natural BPM


Phone US.png




  • Access to Horsecom commercial playlists
  • Connect your Apple Music/Spotify/Deezer playlists through the app
  • Community Chat + Instant Messaging
  • Access to Horsecom TV Pro tutorials
  • Inclusion to events, contests, clinics, demos, etc
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